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Kalyane Lévy, La Collectionneuse

Kalyane Lévy, La Collectionneuse

Photographs by Dana Boulos
Interview with Jesy Odio

How La Collectionneuse Was Born 

What’s strange is that I didn’t study cinema. I studied Literature and Art History. I was really into books, I would watch movies at home without really thinking about it. This series is very organic. It’s really just my taste in movies and guts. There is no cinema education behind it. But what’s really important to me is to alternate from classic movies that everyone should see if they haven’t yet, to movies that American audiences wouldn’t see unless someone who is from France would show them.

It’s going to be three years in April. I moved here from France six years ago. I had pitched the concept to Cinefamily. We premiered the Blood of a Poet, a Cocteau movie, with a black-and-white party. I decorated the entire patio in black and white. It was sold out and people sat in the aisles. And that’s when I knew I was really going to do this.  


Every time we host a screening at Bob Baker, we include a marionette show. At past events, we’ve had the puppets as an opening act before the screening. But this time, it’s evolved into a co-production. We will have marionette performances in between screenings of the short films.

It’s going to be a little different this year because I’m opening up to international cinema. It will still be a lot of French cinema but it will include more European movies. In the next program, on March 2nd, I don’t think we are screening a single French movie.



It wasn’t so simple after Cinefamily closed. It took me a little while to get back up. After a few months, I felt like I was calm now and I need to get back on it. But now, I have three screenings coming up. I’m in talks with many theaters about this now.

I don’t like to jinx anything so I won’t reveal the next few shows just yet, but I can hint at that it has to do with water.

I always want these to feel like more than just movies. I need there to be discussions about the movie and around the movie. After each screening, I try to go up to every person and thank them for coming. It’s really important for me to be present with my audience.


In production with Bob Baker Marionette Theater, on the evening of March 2nd, La Collectionneuse brings you Strange Soirée, an evening of mind-bending shorts and marionette performances. 

Tickets are now sold out online, but there will be a few available at the door. 

Nadia Lee Cohen, Director and Photographer

Nadia Lee Cohen, Director and Photographer